Observation Paper On The Classroom

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Observation Paper
The student I observed is Torrian, he is the average height in his classroom and he has light tanned skin and black curly hair. He is a thirteen year old male in seventh grade at Larsen Middle School.
PART 1: A general population seventh grade social studies class was observed to further understand the exceptional student aspect in learning and teaching. Torrian’s in class behavioral observations include
• Claps hands
• Shakes feet back and forth
• Taps desk with pencil
• States answers to questions w/o raising hand
• Runs pencil-end over sentences on a page in a textbook
• Does not stay seated
• Interrupts others
PART 2: Moreover, the environment I observed Torrian in is a special education classroom at Larsen Middle school during 7th and 8th period. The classroom is spacious and has two large windows, a large chalkboard and dry erase board, a laptop station, the desks arranged in groups, and a reading area in the center of the classroom. Positive environmental factors in the classroom would be the size of the classroom because the room is very large and spacious which gives enough room for those students who tend to stand up impulsively and prevents them from getting hurt with any classroom furniture. Another beneficial element in the learning environment is the way the teacher positioned the student’s desks. Each desk is grouped with two other desks, making a three people, group and this is beneficial to learning because it gives students the ability to…

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