Essay on Obsolesces of Home Phones, Part Ii

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In this assignment, I intend to one (1) Discuss obsolesces of home phones in terms of its repositioned target market demographic using U.S. Census Data. Two (2), determine the types of research needed to reposition the home phone. Three (3), I will discuss the method(s) I would use to increase adoption rates. Four (4), I will determine if a new service component will provide new interest for the home phone. Fifth (5), finally, I will anticipate the most likely distribution problems that I may encounter and how I would address them.
Obsolesces of Home Phones, Part II
Home phones are quickly becoming a thing of the past, at least according to a recent study done by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Nearly 18 percent of
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I would employ a five-step process for target market selection: one (1), identifying the appropriate targeting strategy. The targeting strategy used is affected by target market characteristics, product attributes, and the organization’s objectives and resources. Two (2), determining which segmentation variables to use. Segmentation variables are characteristics of individuals, groups, or organizations that are used to divide a market into segments. Three (3), developing market segment profiles. Market segment profiles describe the similarities among potential customers within a segment and explain the differences among people and organizations in different market segments. Four (4), evaluating relevant market segments. Potential sales for a segment can be measured along several dimensions, including product, geographic area, time, and level of competition. Five (5), selecting specific target markets. Marketers first decide whether there are enough differences in customers’ needs to warrant the use of market segmentation.
Discuss the method(s) I would use to increase adoption rates. Adoption rates are huge in any business. No matter what you are selling, if people don’t buy, it is worthless. Unfortunately, there is no secret sauce. You must focus on the basics. .
1) Consider your audience-Seems pretty clear cut, doesn’t it? Many

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