Organizational Behavior & Communication Paper

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Southwest Airlines Organizational Behavior & Communication Paper
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Southwest Airlines Organizational Behavior & Communication Paper

Airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, strive to provide the best customer service that they can offer to keep their customers happy. A prospective Southwest passenger may probably make their reservation by calling the customer service number, logging on to the company’s website, or booking at an airport with a Southwest Airlines agent. The employees that assist these prospective and actual passengers are considered the backbone of the company and do their best to represent Southwest in the finest
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Southwest airlines, for example is a huge company with thousands of employees. One would guess that communication within this organization takes more of a virtual approach. However, just because they are a huge company, doesn’t mean that communication with others or the voices of management won’t be casual. As Kelleher, CEO of Southwest, said himself: “There's a lot being said about the importance of communication, for instance. But it can't be rigid; it can't be formal. It has to proceed directly from the heart. It has to be spontaneous; it has to be between individuals seeing each other on the elevator” (Lee, 1994). This corresponds to the culture of the organization that Kelleher works very hard to maintain. As a CEO who values his employees, we see here that he’s not afraid to show how he is and how much he believes in making the environment a happy and comfortable one for his employees.
Perceptions Within Southwest Airlines
Let’s consider an employee of one of Southwest competitors wishing that they worked for this airline instead of their current employer. Hearing all the wonderful stories about working for this company and how happy everyone is leads this employee to think that he/she is working for the wrong company. The perception here is that an employee at Southwest is happier than an employee working for the

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