Organizational Management and Operations Paper

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Organizational Management And Operations Paper Team A
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April 27, 2015 Organizational Management and Operations Paper
While the criminal justice system can be viewed as on whole entity, there are different levels of organization. Within these different organizational levels comes varying degrees of functionality. The three organizational levels include local, state, and federal police functions. Each of which are responsible for certain aspects pertaining to the criminal justice organization. As the organizational levels progress, the functionality and responsibility of each grows. Each level has a little more power than the one
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Before knowing what type of leader is needed or what type of administrative setup will be used, it is important to first understand the functions of each level of policing.
Local policing agencies enforce state penal codes and local municipal codes and ordinances of the areas they occupy. Whenever any crime or unlawful activity takes place, a complaint is lodged and police officers respond to the scene of crime as soon as possible. Contrary whenever officers working patrol see a crime in-progress or a violation of city codes the officer stops and addresses the issue. Local police look after the safety of the neighborhood and prevent crime by patrolling the area. These officers protect property, local establishments, and local parks.
Local law enforcement officers are first responders to emergencies and other issues that relate to public safety. These agencies also operate some correctional facilities on the local level. The police functions deal with maintaining order, law enforcement, and service. Order keeps the peace and prevents people from disturbing others. Enforcing the laws includes investigating any violation of law and making an arrest or issuing a citation in response to that violation. Service is assisting the community with information, programs, or educational seminars. Example, D.A.R.E. programs in schools educate children on drugs. Local police agencies assist the community with penal codes, service, and maintaining the

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