Organizational Planning Paper

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Organizational Planning Paper Lucionda Garnett MGT/521 April 16, 2014 Mr. W. Eric Hogan Organizational Planning Paper
In the last few years, the economic stability in the American society has been at an unprecedented low. Throughout the recession, it has become fairly challenging for various companies and organizations to remain significant, successful, and profitable during this time. Although most companies are experiencing problematic times, there are other companies in spite of their down falls,
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BP continues to strive and implement new and improved ways in providing quality and excellence to their valued consumers. How will these plans achieve the related goals?
In order for British petroleum to remain a well renowned company, there are specific goals and methods that they follow regular basis. The strategies are to set clear priorities, quality portfolio, and distinctive capabilities. The first tactic that BP implements on a daily basis is to set clear priorities. They make it clear to their employees and consumers that they encourage a safe, reliable, and compliant operation. BP also ensures that the company prospers off of being an establishment with strict and safe guidelines to promote excellence. BP also promotes a strategy that the company calls a quality portfolio. This specific strategy focuses on new areas to build high-quality downstream businesses, and high value upstream assets. Distinctive Capabilities mainly focuses on building strong business relationships, proven expertise, promotes new and improved advanced technology.
The effect of planning decisions on the internal and external stakeholders.
The planning strategies and decisions implemented by British petroleum is a plan that the company take very seriously. Every decision that is made can either positively or negatively affect the internal and external stakeholders in some kind of

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