Organizational Psychology Essay

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Organizational Psychology
Alisa M. Davis
Psych 570/Organizational Psychology
March 28, 2012
University of Phoenix

Organizational Psychology The field of organizational psychology focuses more on group type settings and situations, usually in offices and workplace environments. This field of psychology takes research and theories to intervene and communicate numerous strategies and applies them in group situations in both workplace and non-workplace settings. Psychologists in this field are usually focused on helping individuals better understand his or her interactions with others, so that each individual can better work together to accomplish goals at hand. This paper will
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The field of organizational psychology is a service that delivers and helps to generate a productive effort as a team environment; whether it is in a public or private organization (Jex & Britt, 2008).
Evolution of the Field of Organizational Psychology The existence of organizational psychology began in the early 1960’s. Research to establish a deeper view into group and organizational situations was started. When research first began it involved mostly individual outlooks instead of group or team organizations. In regard to this research in the workforce, employers did not hesitate to make his or her employees believe that they could be easily replaced if they could not adhere to rules or meet expectations; however, this belief has changed throughout time and it is now the belief that employees are the core of a company and the most valuable commodity. Presently, in many types of environments, individuals have learned to create a more productive environment for his or her team or group. This also ensured that each individual’s psychological needs were met to increase teamwork and productivity. Other developments in this field consist of fair treatment for all individuals, regardless if he or she is in a group or not. There are also specific types of leaders that can change the way an individual adheres to teamwork or an organization. The goal of organizational psychology is

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