Organizational Responsibilities and a Troubled Physician Essay

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Organizational Responsibilities and a Troubled Physician
Lori Crowder
Walden University
MMHA 6205-1 Health Law and Ethics

Organizational Responsibilities and a Troubled Physician According to the American Medical Association (AMA) an impaired physician is unable “to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety due to mental illness, physical illness, including but not limited to deterioration through the aging process, or loss of motor skill or excessive use or abuse of drugs, including alcohol” (API, 2011). The scenario presented for this assignment involves Dr. Smith a talented and skillful cardiac surgeon on staff at a local community hospital, who is currently engaged in a divorce. On multiple incidences, hospital staff
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As a result, the nurse had a duty to report Dr. Smith’s behavior (Sollins, Rempher, Schwartz, & Mokwunye, 2009). Once she informed her supervisor of Dr. Smith’s impaired state, the hospital had a legal an ethical obligation to investigate the allegations to determine their validity. As an administrator, I would conduct a proper investigation based on the hospital bylaws and policies and in consultation with the legal department and risk management, to determine the basis of the allegation of Dr. Smith’s impairment. Other helpful resources include organizational code of ethics such as the American College of Health Care Executive (ACHE) code of ethics. It is important the hospital substantiate any claims prior to taking action, to avert legal action if the basis of the claim is unfounded (Sollins, Rempher, Schwartz, & Mokwunye, 2009). The medical staff process is relevant in dealing with these issues and is best able to evaluate performance and practice, as well as lead the investigation and evaluation of alleged impairment (Ohlsen, 2006). According to Ohlsen (2006), one-third of all physicians at some point in their career will have a condition resulting in impairment. Therefore, having a medical staff process in place to monitor and evaluate clinical behavioral performance, and identify impaired physicians is imperative (Ohlsen, 2006). Children’s Hospital of The Kings Daughters (CHKD) uses members from the credentialing

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