Outline and Assess Feminist Views of Crme and Deviance. Essay

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Outline and assess Feminist views on crime and deviance. (50)

Within Feminism itself there are many different approaches to crime and deviance including Liberalism, Radicalism and Post-modernism. Each of them believes that crime, or the lack of crime, is a result of the patriarchal dominance in society. Feminists believe that the patriarchy generates crime against women whilst discouraging deviancy amongst women.

The official crime statistics show that men tend to commit more crime than women, and some Feminists would agree with this. One theory put forward is that this is because of the differential socialisation of males and females. Oakley argues that males are socialised to be aggressive, self-seeking and individualistic, which
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Their role as a mother gives them little time to commit crime because they are too busy caring for the children, and their responsibilities as a housewife gives them little opportunity to commit crime because they are in the house most of the time. Lees highlights how boys verbally control girls by calling them words such as ‘slag’, and so girls avoid deviant behaviour as they fear they will acquire a bad reputation.

However, some critics claim that the socialisation of men and women has now changed. Many Feminist accounts have ignored the fact that women can now participate in most areas of life and are free from control. Therefore, it could be that the crime statistics are flawed and women do commit just as much crime as men. Between 1981 and 1997, the number of girls under 18 years of age convicted of violence in England and Wales more doubled – from 65 per 100,000 to 135 per 100,000. Liberal Feminist Adler created the Liberation Thesis which claims that this increase is because society has become less patriarchal. The disintegration of the patriarchy has led to women having greater confidence to commit crime. Adler also notes that women no longer just commit trad female crimes (e.g. shoplifting, prostitution). More women in senior positions means that they have the opportunity to commit serious white collar crimes.

Although, the Liberation Thesis has several flaws. Female crime rate began rising

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