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Carolyn A. Holley
English 227
27 June 2010
The Yellow Wallpaper: Analyzing Literary Madness A short story about a new mother, happily married to a doting husband-who also happens to be a well respected doctor- relaxing at a manor in the countryside does not sounds like the beginnings to a tale of paranoia and psychosis; but in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper it is exactly that. The setting in this story is what gives it its depth and gives relevancy to the plot. The Yellow Wallpaper gives insight into the deranged mind of woman whose obsession and delusions about particularly hideous wallpaper that causes her mental and physical state to creep into darkness. Gilman, herself, suffered from postpartum depression and
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“I have a schedule prescription for each hour in the day; he takes all care from me, and so I feel basely ungrateful not to value it more.” John does not think she has any reason to be upset, but his constant eye on her makes her feel worse about the situation. This scenario within the story gives more light to Gilman’s feminist views of the time. Jane is a creative and expressive woman whose bout with motherhood has left her with a current nervous condition. She is not expected to do anything on her own or even to be capable of making attempts. Her thoughts and opinions are cut off and she is told to simply follow orders and do what is best for her in the minds’ of others. John is the antagonist, oppressing Jane and forcing her to do treatments she does not think are helpful. He patronizes his “blessed little goose” and considers her opinions and thoughts irrelevant. It never crosses his mind that he might be a contributing factor to her mental state. She often comments on the house seeming empty; having a haunted house like quality. She is often left alone with no interactions with other people. She is trapped within herself with no outlets for her thoughts or delusions except to fester within her mind. Her journal provides her some comfort, but she must keep it hidden in fear of getting in trouble that adds to her stress. The wallpaper is what is always there though. The wallpaper is the most essential part her surroundings that make up the

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