Paper Airplanes

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Paper Airplanes
Project Design Plan: * I want to know what type of paper airplane model will fly the farthest. I believe airplane design is very important when trying to see how far a paper airplane will fly. The different shape and narrowness or width as well as weight distribution are all factors in flight distance. So if I have a narrow paper airplane, a very wide one, and one in between, which on will fly the farthest? * The relevance of this experiment is similar to understanding a real airplane. Paper airplane models are derived from an actual plane these days. The design of an airplane has so much to do with distance, hang time, speed, and many other factors. Understanding the models I have chosen to make help me
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Step 8 shows this more clearly.
8. Fold the second wing exactly as you did the first. * Model 2 is as follows: 1.Fold a sheet of paper exactly in half long-ways, and re-open itso you have a crease separating the two halves. | | 2.On one end of the paper, fold each corner in towards the center to thepoint where the inside edges are even with the centerline crease. | | 3. Starting at the very tip of the point, fold the paper down on each side so the inside edges line up with the center crease. | | 4. Turn the paper airplane over and fold it in half along the centerline. | | 5. Fold the first wing with the line of the fold running nearly parallel to thecenterline of the plane. Make this fold from 1/2 to 1 inch from the center. Step 6shows this fold more clearly. | | 6. Fold the second wing exactly as you did the first. * Model 3 is as follows: | | 1. In this step we are going to mark where the first folds will be, once you make this plane once you should be able to eye it and will no longer need to measure.On one END of the paper make two marks, each one exactly 2 inches in from the corners. Then make two more marks on the SIDES of the paper, measuring from the opposite end 1/2 inch .You may connect the points along each side with a pen or pencil if you like. | | 2. Make your first two folds long-ways, from the outside dot on one end to the outside dot on the other. | | 3. Beginning at

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