Paper Towel Absorbency Experiment

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I believe that Walmart brand paper towels are just as absorbent as Bounty brand paper towels. All paper towels are made from paper pulp that is woven to create a large sheet. Because all paper towels are made from the same material I believe that the Walmart brand will absorb just as much liquid as the other brands. I will prove my hypothesis through a scientific experiment comparing three brands of paper towels. I chose three brands with three very different price points. Am I paying more money per roll for a higher quality towel or are all paper towels made the same, therefore will absorb equal amounts of liquid. I will put each paper towel brand through an absorbency test 4 times to get an average amount of liquid absorbed. I am …show more content…
Also cutting the towels to the same size will keep the findings as accurate as possible. | Bounty | Viva | Walmart brand | Experiment 1 | 50 | 43 | 22 | Experiment2 | 48 | 37 | 19 | Experiment 3 | 55 | 52 | 20 | Experiment4 | 48 | 37 | 17 |

Data collection is a very important component of the experiment. I began the experiment by pouring the water into a liquid measuring cup. I chose to measure the water in milliliters to obtain the most accurate measurement of data. I cut all of the paper towels down to the size of the smallest towel. I started my stopwatch as I submerged the paper towel into the water. At 20 seconds, I removed the towel from the water and transferred it into another liquid measuring cup. I made sure to not squeeze the paper towels when I removed them from the measuring cup that contained the water. I made sure to conduct my experiments on a flat level surface so I would get an accurate reading on the measuring cup containing the absorbed water. I recorded the data in a table to keep my data organized and it made my data easier to graph. I than made a bar graph to show the amount of water absorbed by each paper towel in each experiment.

From the data collected in this experiment, Bounty is the most absorbent brand of paper towels. There is 1 more square foot of product on a Bounty roll than the Viva roll and 8 more square feet of product on the Bounty roll than the

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