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College Campus Crimes: Content Analysis Approach
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Nandi Harris
Mississippi Valley State University
Rochelle Cobbs

When you think of the word victim, what exactly comes to mind? Someone who has been physically or mentally assaulted against their will? A person who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, right? Wrong, victims are people who have undergone a heinous experience of which they will never be the same again. When one becomes a victim, a piece of one’s life is permanently snatched away from them. If it wasn’t life itself the most valuable attribute that has been stolen from them is their piece of mind. There are many
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The future of America rests in the hands of young people who aren’t afraid to dream big and to venture into the unknown all alone. Some would say the first step in doing so is leaving all family and friends behind to become a part of a college or university filled with exciting new opportunities, and unknown challenges. Students that become the victims of even the smallest crime have confidence stolen away from them. The very ingredient that ignites an outgoing and creative lifestyle is now stifled because of one “small” crime. This would then lead a once active and vibrant student to solitude.
According to What Are College Student’s Perceptions About Campus Safety, In the spring of 1986, a college student at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania was awakened from her sleep in her dorm room by an assailant who brutally raped and beat her to death. This resulted in what is known today as the Clery Act, or Student-Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990. “The Effect of the Clery Act on Campus Judicial Practices” stated: Congress has begun its work on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Amendments in 2003-2004, dealing with one of the issues of the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act (Public Law 101-542). Of particular importance to student affairs and law enforcement personnel on American campuses is Title II of this Act, now

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