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Organizations, Systems and the Environment
Evan Schwartz
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


Organizations, Systems and the Environment
There are many issues that are in need of support internationally. The international community has rallied around many causes over the years. International psychologists may choose to focus their work in one or more of these areas, including but not limited to, women and children empowerment, refugee advocacy, education, disaster response, emigration and immigration, policy and decision making, health care, poverty and economic justice, and environmental conservation (Gibbons, 2012). There are many aspects of the environment that affect our global society. It is crucial
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Human beings are just beginning to see the affects of this change, but the panel concluded that regions all over the world will witness an increase in these changes (Environmental Protection Agency, 2007). Although, there are groups of individuals taking steps to improve these issues, these efforts will not be successful until individuals and organizations rally together on a common goal of environmental sustainability.
The organizations that have been included in this comparison are the National Bamboo Project of Costa Rica and Vida, which are both third sector organizations and Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy, which is a public sector organization. Each of the organizations has different focuses in terms of their involvement in the environment. Each organization has a different mission and each organization promotes different types of programs that incorporate environmental issues. Each company has taken different actions in terms of motivating individuals to protect the environment. As assessment of each organization is made regarding what each organization has done and what they plan to do to create a shift in thinking in Costa Rica.
The National Bamboo Project was founded in 1986 and has a goal of decreasing deforestation (Roach, 1996). One of their goals is to replace timber with bamboo as a primary building material. It also creates and Implements workshops to teach people within organizations about ways to make a

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