`` Parent Keeps Child Gender Secret `` By Jayme Poisson Essay

1937 Words Mar 15th, 2016 null Page
Gender norms, a controversial topic that is prevalent in this world today, is based on acceptable and unacceptable roles that are considered “normal” for male and female genders. Society places stereotypes on almost anything- if not everything- that has to do with gender. Roles that are done by a specific gender group that seems to be abnormal by society will be judged and will come with a cost. In her article, “Parent Keeps Child Gender Secret”, Jayme Poisson describes a family in which the parents of three allow for their children to make decisions about their preferences rather than allowing for gender norms to dictate who they are supposed to be. Their children faced bullying, criticism and rejection because they were not the same as everyone else. In Ariel Levy’s “Female Chauvinist Pigs” the women who participate in raunch culture attempt to assimilate with male gender norms to avoid certain criticisms that come with feminism, but still do face certain rejections for the actions they take in order to achieve power and status in society. After gaining understanding of society and what they consider normal and abnormal of genders based on the two previous articles, “Preface”, an article that was written by Kenji Yoshino -which talks about the true self and false self- has brought to me a much better understanding of the effects stereotypes have on people and how they cope with them. As evidenced in Poisson, Levy, and Yoshino’s articles, working against gender norms can…

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