Parents in College Have to Juggle Responsibilities Essay

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Written by: Garang Wol:

Parenting and going to college at the same time is not an easy thing to do. It’s a full-time job especially for single parents. Being a parent and attending school at the same time is very challenging, according to CPCC Family Resource Center coordinator Linda Jones. The most important things parents in college have to deal with right now are money, time management, and finding good-quality childcare. Nedine Muwne is a mother of three children and is in the dental program at CPCC. Muwne, 29, and her husband both work and attend classes at CPCC. “My husband
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I always encourage them that you are doing so wonderful and I am happy. I want them to be successful in their life,” Jones said. Katrice Smith, a single parent of two children, 11-year- old Kierra and 11-month- old Kyla, is in the respiratory therapy program at CPCC. “It’s not an easy thing to be a parent and a student at the same time,” said Jones. Smith, 28, lives with grandparents who sometime help take care of the children. She works full time and comes to school part time. “I have a choice," she said, “to extend my education or become part of the system of welfare which I feel is not a productive option." Smith also emphasizes “I am very fortunate to have my grandparents helping me to take care of my children when I’m at work or in school and also I get food stamp from the Department of Social Services, but that is not what I want for myself and my children,” she said. Curtis Bickham works as a part- time adviser with CPCC, Transfer Resource Center. “According to my previous experiences parents in school have a lot of problems with time management because of the children and school,” said Bickham. He also added “Parents in college always used the school resources more effectively than traditional-age students, because they are mature enough to understand how valuable the school

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