Passion Paper Simon Sinek

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Index Introduction 2 History of advertisement 3 Definition 3 Advertisement in our lives nowadays 4 Simon Sinek 5 Career 6 The golden circle 6

My passion paper will be about advertisement in general and about Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle. I choose this topic because I really get inspired by people like Sinek and I love to work in the world of advertisement when I am graduate from my study, Small Business & Retail Management.

History of advertisement
About 3,000 years ago a papyrus (writing paper made from the pith of papyrus plant) was discovered at Thebes, an ancient city in Egypt, on the Nile River. It offered a reward for the capture of a
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The art of advertisement is of course a modern blessing but it has reached and touched all possible heights. It has touched all the aspects of modern complexities and has complicated man’s life more. For even a simple pencil there are infinite potions which don’t provide a child with any solution but rather confuse him all the more. Myriads of products work up man’s brain play havoc with his pocket and assault his peace of mind. It is because of these advertisements that a whole new field of career and businesses have opened up. The branch of marketing solely depends upon this recent art of advertising along with other components. People exercise their imagination, feel the pulse of the people, what touches tickles them and what captures their mind and then create a whole new tantalizing world of fantasy, glamour and unreality to sell off real things. In fact, advertisers and advertisements play and encase upon the psychology of people in order to achieve their ends.
Even cinema have been affected by advertisement .What we call as traitors of movies, publicity of a movie is nothing but its advertisement to bring audience to the theatre. In this age of tough competition, one cannot survive without popularizing one’s business, product, and institution. It is then that advertisements come to one’s aid. It is through advertisements that people can popularize their business, talent, product or commodity. Without

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