Patients ' Rights : Use Of Medications Off Label Essay

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Patients ' rights: use of medications off label
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The Brazilian pharmaceutical market is the ninth largest in the world and the second among the BRIC countries (ahead of us is China, with Russia and India occupying third and fourth), annually handling about R $ 28 billion, a growth trend . Among the six largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, four are Brazilian and currently there are about 540 pharmaceutical companies registered in Brazil.

The growth of this sector, in general, has been remarkable and very favorable to patients. The high investment in research and development of new drugs allowed disease very recently (from a historical point of view) taken by incurable or high mortality rate may gradually being controlled by the use of drugs and, in some cases, this evolution walks to the discovery of a cure. AIDS may be cited as notorious example emerged in Brazil in the early 80s, with a high rate of mortality and suffering, and "only" 16 years later, it became a disease "in a chronic and controllable way" through drugs that allow the infected lead a normal life.

However, according to economic data released by the Association of Pharmaceutical Research (Interfarma) in Brazil they are invested just over $ 139 million in research, while in the world, are $ 40 billion. Brazil 's participation in clinical trials worldwide is 1.2%, and the time taken for approval of a clinical trial in Brazil is between 10 and 14 months. Between 2005 and 2009 the international…

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