Personal Ethics Paper

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Personal Ethics Paper
Fernando De La Peña Llaca
April 11, 2011
Thomas Poole

Personal Ethics Paper
Ethics plays a big role in my life and also in my company, skip ethics in any situation can means a shortcut, a shortcut to a dead-end. Ethics is the way the morale and values prevail and using ethics in life brings big rewards.
Because I am beginning a new stage in my life, especially in my academic life taking a master’s degree at University of Phoenix there is no difference; ethics will play a big role in this stage of personal improvement. The Student Code of Academic Integrity is a guide to understand the code of ethics of the university and match this ethics with my own principles to apply it during my studies at
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Instead of that I prefer to read as much as I can of the selected topic. I write a column weekly in a newspaper so that demands much research, proper citation and accurate data because anybody can read it and if I make any kind of plagiarism including self-plagiarism, trust me it is not a good idea because it is wide open to the public, plagiarize meanwhile write a column it is wrong.
Fabrication is one of the worst mistakes that somebody can make. Falsification of information or alteration to try to obtain a result is not a good idea but sometimes it is a common mistake because there are too many sources. What I do is conduct extensive research to try to obtain the correct data, make a proper citation of my sources, and if I do not know any number or data, cite that when I am writing. Let me give an example, I wrote a book in 2010 and I cite that Mexico has 50 million people in poverty; of course the government asked me where I got that information. When I show them where the sourcecame from a government website because I made a proper citation they could not say anything because I just cited what a government website shows. So it is the same thing in the university, I will always conduct my research and make the proper citation to avoid fabrication or misunderstandings.
Unauthorized assistance, misrepresentation and,

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