Personal Note On Dual Enrollment English Essay

1199 Words Jun 8th, 2015 5 Pages
Well...graduation is less than a week away and I have just finished my first insight into what a college class is like. Through Dual Enrollment: English 111 and English 112, I have learned my strengths and weakness in my writing personality. I feel like a completely different person, in my writing, from the beginning of the year to now. The helpful materials I have attained will help me continue to succeed in college and my future career. Dual Enrollment English has taught me how to become my own great writer and how to inspire myself when I feel all my ideas are used up or I have ‘writer 's block’ as they call it. From the different perspectives of the professors who helped with my smarthinking reports, I believe that is what helped make me a confident writer. From being a persistent person, I believe that is what helped me become a confident writer. From using social media in a more professional manner, I believe that has made me a more proficient writer. From achieving my first paper to my final paper, I feel proud. There is no doubt I cannot carry this on throughout college. Having this little bit of taste of what college is really like, is what has made me feel confident about writing papers for my other classes. Also, having a persistent teacher has instilled this confidence in me too. These are only a few examples of what Dual Enrollment has done for me. Over the course have noticed that I have developed a particular writing style. My style is that I like to begin the…

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