Personal Responsibility Essay

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* * * * * * * Goals and Responsibility * Carlos Calderón * GEN 200 * Sarah Baer * September 13, 2013 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The accomplishments attributed to a successful professional career must be constructed from a strong foundation such as a college degree, but to finish superior studies one must possess a keen sense of personal responsibility. Each individual needs to become accountable for his or her own accomplishments; as students, we are the primary beneficiaries of our success story, so nobody else should perform the work for us. We can best contribute to our families and to our society by
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This means that young adults with a college education earned 50 percent more in that year alone “journal article retrieved from an electronic database.” A college degree will open doors to new opportunities, which will contribute to the well-being of our families. Nothing will happen unless we wake up, hit the ground running and put personal responsibility first.

When I think about personal responsibility, I think about taking charge of my own success. We are all special born with different talents, in diverse financial situations and with varies cultural backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: free will. We have the freedom to choose to strive for success or to settle in mediocrity and just survive. Personal responsibility is about setting high goals and doing whatever is necessary to achieve them. Anderman and Anderman (2009) establish that goal placement is an essential part of students’ inspiration. By definition, a goal is a “behavior or outcome that one is consciously trying to perform or attain” (Anderman & Anderman, 2009, p.442). These authors explain that goals will positively direct learners to the central activities and help steer away from diversions concentrating students’ efforts towards achieving the objective. Also, according to their research “students’ learning, motivation, and self-regulation can be improved when students pursue goals that are specific, proximal and moderately

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