Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility
Derrick Grooms
February 26, 2014
Robert Lightner

Personal Responsibility Ever wonder what it would be like if we lived in a society where citizens where not held responsible for their actions? If we did, we would more than likely live in a society of failed justice, political, and education systems. Fortunately for us, we do live in a society where the majority of our citizens take personal responsibility for their actions. Personal responsibility motivates us to do what is important and right for ourselves, other, and our community. Personal responsibility is an important characteristic to live by giving us a sense of belonging and accomplishment. We all have our own definition of
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Our college success depends on us, and only us. Our educators give us the knowledge, resources, and the opportunity to succeed. We as students should take personal responsibility and apply it towards being successful in college. A good example I found explains how tour guides educating tourist to Zoar Valley in New York to be more personally responsible in that area has decreased the number of incidents and arrest in that area. The article states “But if we are to continue to keep Zoar Valley safe, I’m convinced that personal responsibility is going to remain the crux of the matter. No amount of education can help people who are unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions”. (Cain, 2010). I related this article to education because it plainly states the importance of personal responsibility. In relation to our education we must internalize personal responsibility or we are just spending our money for nothing. Implementing personal responsibility into present and future goals will start with a positive attitude first. In realizing what the end result of my education will be I will be more empowered to accept any challenges that I may face, apply more effort achieving my goals, and be successful. I have identified a few challenges that will come, but I know it is my

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