Essay about Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility & Integrity in Academics
Felix Zamot, Jr.
Course: GEN/200 Version 2
October 15, 2012
Professor Theresa Bradley Staples
As human beings, we are responsible for our own actions and personal responsibility is the key to leading a successful life. To be successful in school it is important to know our weaknesses and our strengths and taking the responsible route by asking for help when it is needed. According to Albert Einstein “Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will – his personal responsibility”. (Albert Einstein). If people lead an honest healthy lifestyle they will be successful in life and if they choose to study hard and attend class
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As noted by Demirjian (2006, May), it is important to recognize the signs of cheating early “That type of early recognition can be important, since cheating can have serious financial and even criminal consequences in other areas of life.” (p.16) At times, employers or parents are paying for school with the assumption that you will act in good faith to be a good student and when you cheat and are possibly expelled, you not only let them down, you cause them a financial hardship. This will question your integrity as an employee and as a person in general. Cheating may sometimes seem like the quick and easy way out, but in the end what have you learned. Nothing! If you do get caught, the ramifications could be tremendous depending upon your school’s policy. As noted by Smith (2011), “This could have long-term impacts on the rest of their lives as they would probably find it quite difficult to find another college willing to accept them. Furthermore, it would be mean a lot of wasted time, money, and effort, especially if the student was nearing graduation.” (Par. 4). You will be labeled a cheat. It questions your integrity and ethical abilities. You will also lose the respect of your peers and teachers. Accepting responsibility for all of your actions and knowing that whether good or bad, they were your own decisions and not those of others will build stronger integrity.

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