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My Account (Personal Responsibility)
Eduardo Alaniz
GEN 200
December 2, 2013
Marie Gelpi-Hammerschmidt

My Account (Personal Responsibility)
Even though mental health issues can sometimes rob someone of their actions, personal responsibility is holding ourselves accountable for our actions because we control our actions and we control our emotions. We cannot blame anyone else for our actions or emotions, so that when something does or doesn’t go right then the blame or praise is on ourselves.
Personal responsibility is holding ourselves accountable for our actions. We control how we act in a variety of situations. If we were not in control of our actions then we would act inappropriately in various places and situations. For
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Going back to the funeral example, the family of the deceased usually is crying, sometimes uncontrollably, but if say it’s time to hear the eulogy or the service for the deceased is about to begin. For the most part the family members expressing the most sorrow can still take a deep breath and remain calm and stop the crying for the time needed. There are times however that someone cannot control their actions or emotions. It is not in their mental capacity to do so.
Clark (2007) states, “One of the most controversial and complex questions in criminal law relates to legal sanity, also referred to as criminal responsibility or mental state at the time of the offense.” (p. 1018) Mental health can rob someone of the freedom to choose how to act and control their emotions. At times, we hear a verdict that is read in a trial for someone being charged with murder and other crimes as well. “Not guilty by reason of insanity.” They are basically saying that the person did not know or understand their actions and perhaps emotions, if say, rage made them react the way they did. This is on the extreme side of not controlling actions or emotions. But perhaps something more and more common now a days, is the mental health/disabilities in children and even adults. Attention Deficit Disorder is a common one, and perhaps the easiest to understand. The individual cannot stay focused for

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