Essay about Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

Even though some people cannot be responsible in life does that mean that you have to follow their pattern? No, because if you are not responsible for yourself than who will be? One must be responsible for themselves because if not you will have a hard time making it in life.

Personal Responsibility is holding yourself responsible in many different areas in life. Be it your schooling, your career, or your family life. Being a responsible individual means you are a contributing member of society. It also means you set goals in life and keep to them and see them through until the end. With goals and responsibility also comes experience. As Sternberg says, “What matters most is not how much experience you have
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Teaching your children to be responsible for getting to school on time, turning in their homework completed and on time, and being a good listener will allow them to start being a responsible individual early on in life. This will in turn have them ready for whatever life will throw at them in their future.

The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is simple. Being responsible in your college life will make things a lot easier on yourself. You will be able to take on new tasks and have confidence that you will be able to complete things on time and correctly. You will also be able to set goals for yourself as well as meet these goals in the time you allotted.

One should plan on practicing Personal Responsibility in a few different ways throughout their college experience. First off, plan on setting up some goals and meeting those goals. Secondly, make sure to complete and turn in the assignments on time. Also make sure you do your share of the work in team settings. And finally, make sure to keep good grades throughout your stay at University of Phoenix.

A plan to incorporate effective strategies for success as a student is crucial. There are many support resources available at the University of Phoenix. There is the Center for Writing Excellence, and the Center for Mathematics Excellence. There are also Academic Advisors to ask any questions about your college experience. A way to improve Career

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