Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility: Making Of A Great Student

Responsibility has been defined as “answerable or accountable, as in for something within ones own power, control or management”(, 1996). Within our own lives, we have everyday responsibilities from family life and finances, to schoolwork and making a living. We can simply call those Personal Responsibilities. Those with the successful ability to manage the personal responsibilities of everyday life, tend to be the better students, being that they have less stress, better time management, and more time for concentration on their school work.

Stress Management Stress is an everyday part of life that sometimes seems unmanageable and is always
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Now, of course this will vary between each individual depending on family situations, living situations, work etc. Personally, I use calendars and organizational methods to keep my time managed to my maximum ability. Time management is key to responsibility as it allows for you to organize your priorities, allowing you to accomplish any tasks at hand, be it short range or long term. Organization and time management go hand in hand. I use calendars, scheduling systems and write everything out, being that I’m a visual learner. These methods of organization really help my time management in terms of allotting enough time for projects, work, and life’s daily curve balls.

Finances “Financial responsibility is the process of managing money and other assets in a manner that is considered productive and in the best interests of the individual or family (Tatum).” Financial responsibility can have the largest effect on an individual. Those who responsibly handle their finances, tend to stay in a better mindset, and can accomplish more without the stress of bills, money, and financial mistakes. Along with the mindset, they also usually have the skillsets that are best define as responsibility in life. Financial responsibility entails time management, stress management, control, and management. Using all of the aforementioned tools, financial responsibility is a real hardship of mine, but is

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