Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal responsibility is accepting consequences of both successes and failures based on individual actions and taking into consideration how they affect one self and others around them. The power and ability to make decisions for oneself ultimately creates control over one’s life. While excuses are everywhere, when you take personal responsibility you empower yourself with control of your own destiny.

When taking into consideration how personal responsibility directly correlates with college success it is important to consider the goal, getting to the degree. No one can do it for you; it is up to the individual student to succeed. Just as we personally may have made mistakes, in college we succeed by mistakes and learning to
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The truth is the time you have set aside for class should be for class. It is most helpful if all other programs are closed and the student can focus on the class work and the assignment at hand. Try to find a room in the house with no distractions, if there is not one the public library is always a distraction free space with plenty of resources available for class work. If presented with a diversion, distraction or emergency, reschedule time to complete the assignment quickly. There are many tools and resources to use to stay true to one’s goal. For time management, a digital planner inputted with assignment due dates and reminders may be useful. Further breakdown the assignment into mini goals with due dates and reminders color coded will keep the calendar organized and clear to view at a glance.

The University of Phoenix provides many workshops where one may lack in skills, such as writing techniques. They are free yet valuable. Another tool is The Center of Writing Excellence where papers and essays are automatically formatted to the class specifications. Valuable, if not familiar with word processing, instead of spending time on format, one can focus on the content of an essay or research paper. Within The Center of Writing Excellence is a plagiarizer checker to be

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