Personal Statement : My Value Essay example

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1. My first valued moral is honesty. I believe that honesty is the most important to me because I have grown up believing in it. My parents always told me to be honest, when it comes to individuals. My second moral value is trustworthy. I believe that being trustworthy is earned from experience. When growing you I have had people close to me be hurt by individuals that were not trustworthy. My third value is family. I believe that individuals come and go but I know that I will always have my family no matter what. To help me and encourage me to my goals. My last value is happiness. When growing up, I have always been told to do what makes me happy. That it is my life and I should be able to do what makes me happy.
2. My values are shared through my friends, family and through my work. The values I have are similar to the one’s of my friends. I believe that the individuals you surround yourself with, reflect the values that you have. I see my values in the media and t.v., individuals are honest to themselves and show others that they should not be ashamed of their values.
3. My values are in my everyday life. When I see my parents, I see how they have treated others and how my parents have worked hard and earned everything they have. When I see my parents it encourages me to live up to their values and expectations. The values that I see on a everyday bases are honesty and trustworthy. I also see my values in my work and through friends. When I ask a friend something, I…

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