Personal Statement On Asian Families Essay

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Asian families often give people the feeling of strict, pressure, and perfection. Their children are always under the monitor of their parents. Learn different music instruments and study different subject are two of the most common demands Asian parents give to their children in the early age. However, it was different for me. I emigrate from China to United States when I was in 6th grade. I remember my mother was strict on my academic perform before I came to America, but she never force me to do what she expect me to do. After we live in America, my parents change their method of teaching me life lesson in a whole different way; I can do whatever I want to do, and remember that the choices that I made will form who I will become in the future. Every parent want their children to be success, so do my parents. My parents, especially my mom, want me to be able to earn my own money in the future and not to be a dependent person. Nevertheless, my dad is more of a protector. Ever since I was little, dad always buys items that I want and offer help if I need a hand. If my dad cross the line of helping me too much, my mom would step in and tell him stop offer too much help. For most of the time, I reject the help from my dad because I want to undergo the problems that I have. That is mainly the influence from my mom. My mom talked to me the concept of “do everything on your own” when I start to go to elementary school. She explained to me everything I do will benefit me for life…

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