Personal Values And Spiritual Beliefs Essay

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Healthcare Values
A person has to understand their own personal values and spiritual beliefs in order to understand others’ values and beliefs. Personally, my values are transient and variable, some values are really important to me and define me, while others change according to how important they are to my needs and focus at that stage in my life. The World Health Organization (WHO) (2015) states that a person’s personal beliefs reflects what is important in that person’s life. This paper will reflect this author’s personal values and spiritual beliefs; how elements of cost, quality, and social issues affect this author’s personal beliefs and opinions on healthcare policy; what factors in author’s upbringing, spiritual or religious beliefs, personal and professional experiences helped mode these perspectives of the current healthcare policy; and examine the inconsistencies between personal values and beliefs and the current health policy.
Personal Values and Spiritual Beliefs
This author was born the youngest of ten children in Illinois. Raised in a middle class, conservative, Methodist household, my childhood was focused on school, sports, and church. As practicing Methodists, we attended church every Sunday and Wednesday. God was the center focus of strength at all times. My belief in God is strong but has evolved over the years. My concept of spirituality is a balance of values and morals while taking into consideration other people’s values and spirituality. This…

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