Personality Paper

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Personality Theory Paper
Jennifer Campos
January 14, 2013
Dr. Tracy Masiello

Personality Theory Paper
John Nash was a very interesting man. Many may just know of him because of the movie, “A Beautiful Mind”. Taking a look at John Nash and his personality and how psychologists, such as Jung and Freud would see John Nash through their diagnoses. Also taking a look at how different theories would go up against John Nash and his everyday life. The different theories that will be looked at are the Five-factor model and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
John Forbes Nash
John Nash “is by now arguably the best-known living scholar to have done serious academic work on economic problems.” (Brander, 2003, February page 254) While
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Nash became extremely paranoid in his life and he seemed to think that people were after him to hurt him. His behavior was considered be erratic and unstable.
Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud vs. John Nash
Freud took a look at how “the relationship between changes in thought pattern and schizophrenia stems from Freud’s work, chiefly in The Interpretation of Dreams, where Freud (1976) distinguishes between primary and secondary process thinking.” (Dixxon, 2005 page 6) It was figured out that if the disorder was much more severe, then the faster the deterioration would come. Freud thought that for the secondary thought process was the thought process that leads to the onset of schizophrenia. From Freud’s point of view a schizophrenic person can have be renting out in the ego’s defenses while having a psychotic break. Freud stated that “Thus we see that both in neurosis and psychosis there comes into consideration the question only of a loss of reality but also of a substitute for reality.” (Dixxon, 2005 page 14) Carl Jung had developed concepts of the person being extraverted and introverted. Within regards to John Nash with Carl Jung, he would have seen John Nash as a very troubled man. With John Nash he was not seen as an introverted man but as an extraverted person. John Nash was a man who always voiced him opinions and never kept anything inside. Jung argued the same thing that Freud had stated,
In the same way (as in neurosis affect

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