Personality Psychology : Charles Foster Kane Essay

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Musa Dolley
Personality Psychology

Charles Foster Kane who’s played by Orson Welles is character in one of the best movie ever made. Produced in the 1941, Citizen Kane literally changed everything about film. Every movie made since 1941 owes a huge debt of gratitude to this film. Sure, movies would have progressed into today with or without KANE, but Orson Welles ' masterpiece was leaps-and-bounds ahead of its time and furthered the advancement of the film industry by an indescribable amount. However, the new techniques that the movie introduced into the film industry is not the only thing one should focus on. By using theories from personality psychology, one can critically analyze the main character Charles foster Kane, and bring up some ideas one why the character acted the way he did. A man who sets out to do precisely what he wants to do is a man with a vision. This seems to ring true when describing Charles Foster Kane from Orson Welles’s Denizen Kane. In Denizen Kane, Mr. Kane just wants to conclusively be blissful, which is a goal he never genuinely consummated. The perseverance that he shows is a testament to how far he will go to get what he optate. Considering character’s plot, he personalities, a prevalent theme, and the actions he take, Kane show eerie homogeneous attributes. Sigmund Fraud separated the mind into three parts, each having its own function; these are the id, ego, and the superego. We can apply Freudian theory to the main character…

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