Personality Psychology : Personality And The Type Of The Car They Drive

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Personality Assessment
Question 1
Personality assessment is fundamentally the measurement of the characteristics of people. Personality refers to individual uniqueness in behavior, patterns, their cognitions, and emotions. On the other hand, assessment is the product of gathered information. Specialists in personality assessment assume that variations in behavior from one individual to another are based on their underlying personality traits. In this regard, personality psychology can be applied in various settings. For instance, selecting job applicants for a specific job position requires personality assessment. Additionally, personality psychology can be used in designing and advertising of automobiles considering the fact that there is a relationship between individual personality and the type of the car they drive (Carducci). More so, the study of personality psychology is fundamental for development of personality theories and research, besides personality development.
Independent variable refers to the psychology experiment characteristics, which can be changed or manipulated. A dependent variable is that which is being measured in a psychological experiment. Group mean is the average of psychological samples. Also called research bias, experimenter bias refers to the subjective bias of a human experimenter towards a result he/she expects. Finally, informed consent is the permission sort from research participants prior to conducting a…

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