Persuasive Essay : An Argument Of An Argumentation Driven Model For Flexible And Efficient Persuasive Negotiation

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How to Deliver Persuasive Messages; the Art of Negotiation

I. According to a study titled An Argumentation-Driven Model for Flexible and Efficient Persuasive Negotiation. A “Persuasive negotiation is a type of negotiation where one agent is trying to influence the behavior of another agent using arguments supporting the proposed offers” (Bentahar & Labban, 2011).Using the proven methods pulled from philosophy and science. Parties can influence negotiation communication for a more positive outcome.
A. Dr. Robert Cialdini sometimes referred to as the “godfather of persuasion" has spent his life conducting extensive research and studies on persuasive psychology. Robert has developed a list of six scientifically proven universal principle rules of persuasion (Cialdini, Goldstein, & Martin, 2009)
a. Reciprocity appeal deals with the mutual benefits approach.
b. The scarcity principle is using our human nature that drives humans to want more of something they think they will no longer be able to get. Scarcity plea when used in negotiations, this appeal turns the urgency to close the deal, for if they do not it may be gone tomorrow.
c. Authority standard uses signals to show others that you are competent and capable of making a decision in the negotiation.
d. A consistency principle used during negotiation deals with a commitment from both parties to follow through on their l word. For example, if one party agrees to share current pricing with the other, they must follow…

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