Philosophy And Psychology Of Evil Essay example

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Theology and Psychology are closely tied together; however each theory has different views on evil. From a Psychology standpoint, we look at how evil is viewed at as ordinary people performing evil actions, and from a Theology standpoint we look at how God created a perfect universe, but yet we live in a world that is surrounded by evil. Psychology today is not biblically based, whereas Theology is. Integrating Theology and Psychology proves to be valuable since it helps us to understand human behavior which is a vital part of our knowledge. Whether we view evil in theological or psychological terms, evil is still looked at as a deep question and a significantly important global issue. The Psychology of evil is talked about in Philip Zimbardo’s Lucifer Effect book, whereas theology of evil is mentioned in the Genesis; the Christian view of the creation of good and evil. Taking a closer look, both refer to evil in different terms. Social Psychologist Philip Zimbardo, author of the Lucifer Effect explains how social environments can lead ordinary everyday people to perform evil actions. This transformation of human character is what Zimbardo refers to as the "Lucifer Effect," which gets its name from the angel Lucifer who became the devil in Christian theology. Philip Zimbardo views evil coming from environmental factors which include delegation of authority without required restriction. On the other hand the Genesis introduces the concept of evil through what we know as the…

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