Physical Security For Organizations And Their Infrastructure Essays

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This chapter began with a brief introduction of physical security. This chapter described physical security as an important issue to organizations and their infrastructure. Indeed, physical security was addressed as a mechanism that protect data, systems, equipment, facilities, people and all company assets. This chapter equally observed that the issue of physical security in today’s world is very alarming and at a raising costs for companies because environment are now becoming more dynamically complex. Computer memory, processors, has been stolen from companies at different point. Companies have witnessed robbery attack, terrorist attack, shooting rampage by disgruntled employees or students in an institution of learning. It was also vividly mentioned in this chapter that if any security measures such as closed-circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance, security guards, intrusion detection systems (IDSs) failed, then of course the fault is from a human being considered as the weakest link in information security. This chapter also noted that people did not embrace physical security the way they do with information or computer security, of which without physical security he latter duo are a waste. Putting the environment first, installing lights, surveillance camera, clearing bushes around critical places and systems, ensuring windows and locks to rooms, offices, and facilities are functioning properly are key points in upholding a secured environment.
This chapter classified the…

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