Piaget 's Theory Of Educational Psychology Essay

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Throughout history Piaget’s ideas and tasks have been used in the fields of educational psychology, special education, socioemotional development, childhood psychopathology, and comparative psychology. His ideas have also influenced the thinking of professionals who provide advice about parenting practices to the general public. His conception of children as active, constructive thinkers who learn only what they are structurally ready to learn has had an especially profound influence on educational thinking and practice. Flavell, J. H. (1996). Piaget 's Legacy. Psychological Science, 7(4), 200-203.
Piaget’s theories have had a major influence on and practice of education. His theories focus attention on the idea of developmentally appropriate education; one with environments, curriculum, materials, and instruction that is suitable for students based on their physical and cognitive abilities, as well as their social and emotional needs.” (Elkind, 1989). (Flavell & Markman, 1983, p.viii). Flavell, J. H. (1996). Piaget 's Legacy. Psychological Science, 7(4), 200-203.
Jean Piaget was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland where he studied at the university and received a doctorate in biology at the age of 22. Following his schooling he became increasingly interested in psychology and began much research and studying of the subject. From this research Piaget created a broad theoretical system for the development of cognitive abilities. His work, in this way, was much like that of…

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