Plastic over Paper

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Plastic over Paper

Have you ever gone to pull your money out at a retail shop to purchase something only to discover it’s no longer there? Maybe the fast food clerk kept the change when you didn’t realize you overpaid, or it’s lying on the floor because you put chap stick on earlier. Do you know how many germs are on that one piece of paper that you’re purchasing something with? Wouldn’t you just much rather have your own, clean, personal piece of plastic that allows you to your funds at any time?
The world without cash, the one thing people are crazy about would be a big change for everyone. Small money inventions have made life easier. There have been many “plastic money” invented and have become worldwide and are slowly taking over
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Also cutting payroll costs by steering paycheck employers to a cheaper, faster and safer way for earning cash. “A huge change in way we shop by 2016.” Will there be no more wallets? Who knows? If this policy was to actually happen, it would make it much easier for the government and people both but there would be some misconceptions to it.
Would the world go mad without having cash around? No, but some businesses would. Vending machines, it’s on the go and easy. But could a vending machine take a credit card? Or your children need a few left over dollars or change to go get some ice-cream when ice-cream man stops by, would you just hand them your card? Drug dealers, would run out of business too. Not only because you can’t use cards but because using cards the government will be able to see what exactly you buy. There would be no privacy. Are credit cards dangerous for you? They may be for your wealth, unconsciously by spending more than what you pay in cash. But, it costs more to produce than what it’s worth. The biggest misconception of stopping the production of cash would be, our economy would collapse. Not everyone can get a bank account or can afford to pay for credit cards. Money does not make our economy flourish we do, people do people use to

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