Poetry and Figurative Langauge Paper

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Poetry and Figurative Language Paper


Mark Jones

Edward Wilson

June 12, 2014


Poetry has been used since time immemorial for passing information to the society. Poets have however used different stylistic devices in ensuring that their message has been passed to their intended audience. Imagery, rhymes, symbolism, among other ingredients of figurative language is among the commonly used stylistic devices that poets use. This paper seeks to identify imagery, metaphors, rhyme and structure in three specific poems and identifying the effect, which such figurative language has had on the content and the message of the poems.

Robert Frost, The
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Rhyme- the rhyme presented in this poem is very simple and shows words like wood, could, and stood. The poet has also rhymed there, wear, way and day. These words have been used at the end of the lines in trying to bring a point clear in the particular line and connecting the idea with the next thought.

Structure- the poem has five lines in each of the four stanzas. The stanzas are composed of short lines, which do not exceed eight words. The flow is easy in each line with some being aided by rhyming words.

William Carlos William, The Dance

The Dance is a poem where William describes a painting in the 16th century where the artist presents dancers during a saints feast day. William gives an interesting description of the dancers and makes important observations of the dancers.

Imagery- in this poem, William uses auditory imagery by making the reader create an image of something that they can hear. Even though it is not possible to create an image of how a sound is, William has presented words such as blare, tweedle, and squeal, all of which are aimed of creating an auditory imagery of the peasant dance.

Metaphor- the metaphor is this poem can be derived from the simile that has been used. In this line, “tipping their bellies (round as the thick-sided glasses whose wash they impound) their hips and their bellies off balance to turn them.” Even though this line uses

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