Essay on Poison King By Adrienne Mayor

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Poison King by Adrienne Mayor
The book, Poison King by Adrienne Mayor, portrays a life that is characterized with manifestation and anticipation. It asserts Alexander the Great together with Darius of Persia as Mithradates predecessors who acquired a rich wealthy Black Sea kingdom when he was a teenager at 14years after his mother killed his father. He escaped into exile but came back in triumph to be a king of top notch intellect and stern objectives. He is seen as a savior by his supporters and treated in awe as a second Hannibal by his foes (Mayor, Mithradates p. 34). He foresaw a great Eastern empire to compete with Rome. He massacred eighty thousand Romans in 88 BC and after that captured Greece and the current Turkey. He fought some of the most magnificent battles in prehistoric times and managed to drag Rome into endless battles while threatening to march into Italy. He was uncanny and could elude arrests and rush forward after making losses that frightened the Romans. His mastery of tactics with poison helped him to thwart assassination attacks and eradicate opponents.
According to the book, King Mithradates confronted the Roman imperialism on several occasions, and it is evident that apart from a few literary souls, few people can know his name today. On the other hand, in ancient times and the Middle Ages, Mithradates was as prominent as Hannibal in 247-183/182 BCE, while Spartacus was in (c. 109-71 BCE) and other renowned enemies of the Roman Empire. His life…

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