Essay on Police Brutality And The Police

1001 Words Jul 27th, 2015 5 Pages
In today’s time the biggest trend watching news or articles online that deal with police brutality, and how the police is abusing their power as an officer. Police are here to protect us and making us feel safe, but the things that are going around the news and article are only making things worse by making the people fear the police. Cops should be trained to handle a response better rather than take their anger out or think that they can do anything just because they work for the law. The good thing is that many people are uniting together to fight over police brutality and making a difference to over throw the ones who abuse their power, letting the better cops who knows when to use their power for good or very difficult situations. Police brutality is become a bigger to the people who don’t corporate with the police, but that shouldn’t be the reason why the police abusing their power to punch people, Taser them for no reason, there could be different ways that they can handle the situation in a very professional way. Police has become one of the biggest trends in today’s time, but the fact that they are abusing their power has drawn a big concern to today society.
In Dallas, TX we have seen on the news or articles online talking about how excessive police are getting. A few years back Albert Butler has been stopped for changing lanes in an unsafe way, the officer starts to search him for no reason, the officer than starts moves to Albert away from the camera, and the…

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