Police Corruption And Responsibilities Of Law Enforcement Officers

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When you think about policing you think about authority. Being a leader is crucial in a community that needs help. A police officer is like a guardian angel. They protect you from all the evil activities and vicious criminals that’s out to harm people. It’s there sole duty to protect its citizens. There are many reasons that people want to become a police officer’s usually they want the money, the benefits, and the title especially. Which are all possible good reason but it is wrong, you have to have a calling for it. This paper will be discussing the following: Police Corruption, Reasons for police corruption, Responsibilities of law enforcement officers, how to become a police officer, good traits of being a police officer and my own personally experience with my internship. However, before I begin explaining I will like to discuss the history of policing. The history of policing can date back late 1700’s and early 1800’s. During the early history of policing, individual citizens were largely responsible for maintaining law and order among themselves. There has been men and women who served as constables and justices of the peace did so voluntarily and were not typically paid for their services. Shire reeves, or sheriffs, were employed full-time to manage law enforcement activities within their shires in England and their counties in the colonies. In the sixteen century the United States the first police was establish was in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1613 they formed a…

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