Policing Paper

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Policing Paper
Amber Pickett
January 23, 2012
Steven Duplissis

This essay exams the concept of problem-oriented policing and its past, present, and future implications according to Herman Goldstein. This essay will also discuss administrative and operational considerations of problem-oriented policing in relation to functions of patrol, crime investigation, emergency or critical incident response, and future trends.
Policing Paper Throughout history, the effectiveness of policing has been questionable. Research shows there is no one strategy to improve the effectiveness of policing. Professionals in the areas of criminal justice introduced many concepts to improve policing. Herman
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Problem oriented policing would help policing develop solutions to respond to problems. The goal of problem-oriented policing is to reduce problems that are a concern to the public. Many police departments adopted problem-oriented policing to problem solve crime or disorder problems. To solve problems, police officers use the SARA method.
The SARA model is an effective way to approach problem solving. SARA, the commonly used problem solving method, involves using the elements of scanning, analysis, response, and assessment (Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, 2012). The SARA process gives police officers the tools to identify, analyze, respond to, and assess crime, fear of crime, and nuisances in communities (Peak, 2010).
Scanning is the first step in the SARA model. Scanning can occur in a variety of ways. Officers can look for problems or identify problems while patrolling his or her beat area. Officers can also review and screen calls for service or complaints to identify problems. Another way for officers to scan is by consulting with residents of the officer’s designated area (Walker & Katz, 2011).
The second step in the SARA model involves analyzing the problem. In the analyzing step of the SARA model officers collect information about the problem. While analyzing, officers’ focus on individuals involved, incidents, and prior responses (Walker

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