Position Paper

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Parents to Take Responsibility for Childhood Obesity
A Position Paper
Cassandra Eisengart
Waynesburg University

The purpose of this statement is to express my position in regards to the ongoing issue in America of childhood obesity and whether or not parents are to blame for this ongoing trend.
Statement of Position
As a nurse, I take the position that parents are to be blamed for childhood obesity and it is our nation’s responsibility, particularly as healthcare workers, to educate parents and children so that we can decrease and eventually eliminate obesity in America.
History/Previous Position Statements
The ANA is on board to support First Lady Obama in her stance against
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However, at the end of the day it is a parent’s sole responsibility to keep their child safe and healthy. As healthcare workers, we are able to educate parents on the appropriate ways to do this; as healthcare workers it is our responsibility and our duty.
Statistics show that children who have obese parents are 31% more likely to be obese themselves. “A study in the Journal of Pediatrics, for instance, found five independent risk factors for childhood overweight. The main risk factor was parental weight” (Yale Medical Group, n.d.).
A family in America today is not like the family in America 30, 40, or 50 years ago. Today, children usually grow up in homes with a mom or a dad. If they are lucky enough to have both, most of the time both mom and dad are working. Even when I was younger, it was becoming more “socially acceptable” to have mom go off to work in the morning after you caught the bus. Does this really mean, however, that it is no longer a parent’s responsibility to make sure their child has a healthy breakfast before school or a healthy lunch at school during the day? How many families these days actually sit down at the dinner table and eat a well balanced meal together? How many children get home from school and are forced to heat up some bagel bites and sit in front of the television until mom or dad gets home from their busy day at work?
Parents and caregivers have to first and foremost find a way to allow their children to eat healthy.

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