Positive Orientations Supported Mathematical Thinkers Essay

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Positive Orientations Supported Mathematical Thinkers. Patterns in data analysis also indicated that these five teachers shared a second common practice. Their responses revealed positive orientations towards implementation of CCSSM supporting the development of mathematical thinking in their students. For some participants, their responses were noted in what they valued most about CCSSM. Other questions about their instructional planning and instructional strategies utilized in the classroom with students also revealed that teachers believed the curriculum was beneficial for students. Overall, patterns revealed positive dispositions towards curriculum implementation primarily where it focused on supporting the development of students.
All the participants discussed the emphasis of CCSSM on developing thinking and reasoning in their students. For some teachers they realized that goals of CCSSM challenged their skills as teachers as much as it did their students. Karen indicated that she valued how CCSSM “allowed students to think and apply more”. Gary also felt that CCSSM stretched both him as well as his students. He valued most that his students were required to conceptually understand the standards they were learning. He shared that CCSSM requires “the students to be able to explain the reasoning behind why this algorithms work”. He further explained that CCSSM “propels students to be able to think on a different level”. Similarly, Toni found that CCSSM…

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