Post Secondary Education And Degree Completion Essay

797 Words Jul 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Post-secondary education and degree completion has become more important to our nation’s economic success than ever before. In an effort to increase higher education attainment in the United States, President Obama has established a national goal of graduating five million more Americans by 2020. As the United States attempts to emerge from an economic downturn, there is a strong push at the national level to increase college-going among adults who have some college experience but no degree. According to the U.S. census bureau, approximately one fifth of adults age 25 and older have started college, earned some credit, but never completed (Shapiro et al., 2014). In Philadelphia, over 70,000 residents, age 25-64 years old, have started college but never finished a two or four year degree. When considering the immediate Greater Philadelphia area, this number increases to 320,000 adults who have started college but never completed (Graduate Philadelphia, 2015). Recognizing the significance of this issue, Graduate! Philadelphia (G!P) was created in 2005 to focus attention on the problems surrounding adult college completion in the city of Philadelphia. Although these issues are not unique to Philadelphia, the innovative model used by Graduate! Philadelphia is. In this internship report, I will include information pertaining to the adult college completion issue, the history and background of Graduate! Philadelphia, their unique model and its impact in Philadelphia, and an…

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