Preferences Of Using Paper Books

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Preferences of Using Paper Books than Electronic Books among Students
Do students prefer feel books in their hands or see them on a computer screen? Can they concentrate better using e-books or paper books? E-books came to existence before World War II with an American Engineer Vannevar Bush, who imagined the “memex” as a way for people to store and read great amounts of available information, but printed books began 560 years ago; memex is a device in which someone stores all his/her books (Manley and Holley, "History of the Ebook: The Changing Face of Books"). Nowadays, both paper and e-books are essential, but everyone prefers one of them. People who commonly read either e-books or paper books hardly change to the other one. Today, e-books are becoming more common than paper books because of technologies such as store many books in a device and carry it anywhere using the device as own library. Many people use paper books for entertainment and e-books for educational reading. Students, however, should use paper books because they are easily available, affordable and timeless.
In libraries, great numbers of books obtainable are printed rather than electronic and they can be found in all sizes and shapes. People who use paper books for entertainment reading can borrow from someone or someplace. On the other hand, e-books cannot be accessed before they are bought. After researches, Christianson and Aucoin concluded that University presses “fared better” in paper than in…

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