Preventing Drug Addiction : A Complicated Task Essay

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Preventing Drug Addiction
Preventing drug addiction is a complicated task. The root cause to the problem is usually connected to issues arising in the addict’s home, school and community during their childhood and adolescent years. In order to win this war on drug addiction, we must develop or adopt a comprehensive plan of attack focusing on these challenges. Any successful plan will begin by recruiting the soldiers needed fight the battle and using existing research to plan the attack.

Programs and Success
There are two programs that have had success fighting drug addiction across the United States. One is Promoting School-Community-University Partnership to enhance Resilience (PROSPER) project (14). This plan employs university staff, school district officials, and other community members. They focus on family and school based prevention methods. This model has shown to reduce the level of substance abuse among adolescents (15). The PROSPER approach ensures that all stakeholders in the prevention of drug abuse have an active voice as well as expected participation. Communities That Care or CTC (16) is the second program that has demonstrated a positive impact on the prevention of drug abuse. It is a comprehensive coalition-based approach to stopping problem behavior in young people. Their enlisted members include parents, youth, residents, business owners, elected officials, religious leaders, philanthropists, media representatives, and professionals from education,…

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