Preventing The Delivery Of Transitional Care Essay

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Causes and Consequences Despite the importance of appropriate transitional care there are many barriers impeding the delivery of transitional care to all CSHCN. The main barriers preventing CSHCN are cost, a difference in provider culture, provider education, and adolescent development. The first cause of poor transitional outcomes, cost, affects those who most commonly suffer from economic social determinants of health. Those with no insurance or with gaps in coverage are less likely to receive transitional care in comparison to those with adequate insurance due to inability to pay for necessary medical care (McManus et al., 2013). The issue is additionally compounded by the fact that up to 30% of CSHCN lack insurance coverage and will continue to have lower levels of coverage into adulthood (Goudie & Carle, 2011). CSHCN also have difficulty keeping jobs due to their medical conditions, which can also affect their ability to experience and pay for a successful transition to adult care (Lewis-Gary, 2001). Economic barriers also prevent the providers from providing transitional care. Due to system standards, many providers are expected to provide for a specific number of patients each day. Transitional care is a highly time intensive intervention that is not reimbursed for by insurance companies (Jameson, 2011). The lack of financial incentive for initiating transitional care creates a negative influence on the provider’s willingness to provide transitional…

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