Essay Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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The book Pride and Prejudice has longevity from its ability to captures the themes of love, pride, prejudice, and reputation. It has been the pivotal novel in these themes, and created a formality in women inspiring books. The intense and frantic conflict between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, which occurs after Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth’s talk, holds true to the idea their fight is the climax of the story. Both characters come to the height of their patience and reveal all feelings towards each other and Jane Austen, the author, uses such vivid language that clearly identifies the argument as the climax. Their skirmish also shows the evident themes of pride, prejudice, reputation and love that is apparent throughout Pride and Prejudice. Austen has eloquent use of language throughout her book, Pride and Prejudice, but the diction she chooses to display the tense argument between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth makes it catastrophic between the characters. This demonstration of raw emotions in reality would not have taken place in the 19th century when men and women would not have expressed their emotions in such an unrefined manner; however it gives the fictional fight a heighten sense of significance in the plot clearly making it the climax. The climax begins when Elizabeth does not simply decline Mr. Darcy’s marriage proposal, but rather attacks him in underlying tone that leaves him almost speechless for a moment. Austen uses the word “obligation” in Elizabeth’s reply to Mr.…

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