Primark Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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UK: Primark cuts three suppliers following child labour claims
A News item from Business Respect, Issue Number 130, dated 17 Jun 2008
UK clothing retailer Primark has ended its contracts with three suppliers in India following allegations channelled through a BBC documentary that they used child labour to finish garments with embroidery and sequin work.
The company said that the work had been improperly sub-contracted against the company's code of conduct, and it had taken action accordingly. It said that the clothes affected accounted for around 0.04% of its product sourcing.

Primark's code completely forbids the use of child labour in its supply chain, whether directly by immediate suppliers or further down through
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Primark contested the claims, and said that its supply chain raised living standards by providing employment.

The company recently pulled from a presentation to the PR Week conference where it was due to talk about how it had emerged from the crisis of bad publicity when it was featured in a television documentary selling products that had had the involvement of child labour. It withdrew when it became clear that protests were planned around the conference targeting the company.
Primark drops three Indian suppliers for using child workers
The low-cost British fashion retailer Primark has dropped three of its Indian suppliers for sub-contracting embroidery work to companies which use child labour. All orders with the firms, based in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, have been cancelled and all clothing supplied by them has been removed from Primark's 170 UK branches.
Associated British Foods, which owns Primark, said: "We take this lapse in standards very seriously indeed. Under no circumstances would Primark ever knowingly permit such activities, whether directly through its suppliers or through third-party sub-contractors."
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The infringement of the company's ethical sourcing code only came to light because of a BBC documentary to be screened on Monday. The Panorama Special

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